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Why Does It Still Hurt When I’ve Forgiven?!?!

Forgiveness is  a choice not an emotion.

If someone owes you money, you can choose to hold the debt against them or choose to release them of the debt.

This is where we get the phrase “to forgive a debt”. To forgive is to no longer require them to pay what they owe.

This is your choice. Your feelings are not a necessary part of this decision.

So, why is it when you have forgiven someone, you still feel the sting in your heart? is it because you haven’t forgiven?

Why is it you still feel the pain?

I’ve forgiven, I shouldn’t feel anything against the person anymore, right?

Let me help you.

That feeling you feel is not the feeling of unforgiveness. You have already made the choice to forgive.

That feeling you feel is the pain of the hurt.

Let me illustrate this.

Let’s say someone pinches you on the hand. It hurts right?

Let’s say you forgive her. How long does the hurt last?

Surely, no more than an hour right?

So, you’ve forgiven her, the pain is a distant memory and you move on in life.

But, let’s say, someone takes a knife and stabs you in the stomach. And, thank God, you didn’t die.

You forgive him, but how long will you feel the pain of the wound?

Months maybe!

Do you think the scar will ever be gone?

Maybe never!

You may have forgiven the person who hurt you, but the pain of the hurt may stay with you for awhile. In fact, the scar of the hurt may never go away!

The same applies to your heart.

When someone wounds your heart, depending on the extent of the wound, it may take some time to heal.

Even if your heart heals, sometimes, the scar remains.

So, that pain you are still feeling in your heart is not unforgiveness.

If you have truly made a decision to forgive, you may just need some time to heal from the hurt.

Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Forgiveness is a decision that can be made in a moment but healing is a process that cannot be rushed.

If you are going through this right now, my prayer is that the love of God will help you through your hurts and pain.

Hang in there!

Books: The Book Depository

I love books. I have more than 2000 books in my home library.

It is not easy to find all the books you want.  Most of the time, you have to buy them online.

The biggest problem with buying them online is that the shipping costs can kill you!

This is why I love The Book Depository!


Oh yeah baby!

Forget about Amazon or any other book website. Once you buy from The Book Depository, you won’t want to buy from any other online bookseller.

They also have this really cool feature called The Book Depository Live.

The Book Depository Live

It allows you to watch in real-time what purchasers all over the world are buying. It’s pretty fascinating for the voyeuristic book lover!

So, check out The Book Depository today by clicking here!

Macaroons: UnionJac

I love macaroons. But not all macaroons are alike.

I’ve tasted some really bad ones and I’ve tasted some heavenly ones.

UnionJac macaroons ranks in the heavenly category.

Utilizing premium ingredients, not only are these melt-in-your-mouth goodness, they are flavorsome!

UnionJac is the only baker I know that produces premium macaroons with edible designs. They make the perfect gits!

I loved the Cranberry Orange with Truffles Christmas macaroons.

UnionJac Christmas Macaroons

And these Pineapple Spiced Chinese New Year macaroons were brilliant!

UnionJac Chinese New Year Macaroons

This Valentine’s Day, UnionJac is producing their special “Jack & Rose” series inspired by the romance in the film Titanic.

UnionJac Valentine's Day Macaroons

“Jack & Rose” consists of rose flavored macaroons, delicately filled with a luxuriously silky smooth dark Belgium chocolate ganache surrounding a dollop of homemade raspberry jam.

UnionJac Jack & Rose Macaroons

If you want to give your loved one something special this Valentine’s, head on over to UnionJac’s official Facebook page here for contact details.

Last order by 12 noon, February 13th.

I can’t wait to get mine! Hint! Hint!

The Missing Pillar of Christianity

I don’t know about you,. but these past few years, I have been feeling restless.

I was born in a Christian family. I made a decision to follow Jesus when I was 21.

Practically my whole life I have been exposed to Christian teaching and influence.

Yet, in the past few years, I have felt that something is missing. Somehow, the Christianity I know did not feel complete.

If our message is true, then why doesn’t the results match what we put our faith in?

If we have got it right, then why do I see a big gap between the reality of the church and our so-called beliefs?

If we have arrived, then why do I feel like I’m so far from anywhere worth staying?

If you have been following the A New Gospel series, you would know that I think I’m beginning to find some of the pieces to the missing puzzle. I’m not there yet, but I think I’m getting close.

I believe I’ve discovered one of the missing pillars of Christianity.

You think you know it, but actually, you don’t. You think you understand it, but when you dig a little deeper, you realize that we’re really far from living it.

I believe this message can revolutionize not just the individual lives of every Christian but the Church as a whole.

Perhaps, I can help us get one step closer to what Jesus came to earth for.

You can download the full sermon here:

The Missing Pillar of Christianity

Heaven On Earth Part 1

I believe in the power of an idea.

If an idea is believed, lived out and passed on, that one idea can totally transform the world.

So, here’s my idea.

Instead of just trying to get to Heaven when you die, how about creating Heaven on Earth when you are alive?

Instead of just trying to avoid Hell when you die, how about helping others get out of their living Hell here on Earth?

Yes, the afterlife is important. In fact, where you end up in eternity is extremely important. But, is that all we care about?

How about right here, right now?

How about making our one short life count in the present?

Can you imagine if every single person on planet earth begins to think like this?

Can you imagine if we start to pool our time, energy and resources to bring Heaven to Earth?

So, where do we start?

First, look around you. Where do you find Hell on Earth?

Next, ask yourself, what does Heaven on Earth look like?

Then, spend some time thinking – How can I bring Heaven on Earth?

Share your thoughts with me in the comment section below.

In Part 2, we’ll talk more about Hell on Earth.

Books: Cafe David 1 & 2

You can now purchase Cafe David: Serving Coffee for the Soul – Relationships 1 and 2 online with free shipping!

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In Book 1:

  • Why are Asian men NOT ROMANTIC?
  • How do I deal with disappointments as a result of UNMET EXPECTATIONS?
  • Why do women end up with INSECURE MEN?
  • How does choosing the WRONG FRIENDS forfeit my destiny?
  • Why are people so DYSFUNCTIONAL in their relationships?
  • Do you believe in marrying your BEST FRIEND?

In Book 2:

  • What is  ROMANCE all about?
  • Are women wired in such a way that they cannot imagine marrying their BEST FRIEND?
  • Are women really more TALKATIVE than men?
  • If you have been lying to a loved one, would you now TELL the truth?
  • How do relationships affect your DESTINY in life?

Includes Bonus Chapter on how David proposed to his wife!

Cafe David invites you to join in the lively debate around these topics on relationships.

Listen in on what others think and see whether you agree or not.

What are you waiting for? Pull up a chair and be prepared to have your thoughts provoked!

A New Gospel? Part 3

In Part 1 of this series, A New Gospel, I made the observation that there are 2 parts of the life of Jesus that are most emphasized – His Birth and His Death.

Consequently, the 2 most popular celebrations of the church are Christmas and Easter.

You might not have picked it up but there is a mismatch in the above statements.

Easter is not the celebration of the death of Jesus. It’s the celebration of His resurrection.

I remember when I was young, my father used to say, Good Friday should be celebrated more than Easter as the death of Jesus holds more significance than His resurrection.


Again, I want to suggest that this conclusion may be a result of reading the Bible through hand-me-down glasses.

Sure, His death is truly significant.

But, lots of good people have died in history. So-called prophets, messiahs and other enlightened human beings.

What sets Jesus apart is His resurrection.

His resurrection is the game-changer.

Anybody could have died and their life turned into a legend that spawns a religion.

But when somebody rises up from the dead and is seen by many witnesses, you have to pay attention.

Jesus accomplished something when He died. But what He was trying to accomplish was not completed until He resurrected.

Therefore, I want to suggest that we correctly celebrate Easter as a glorious reminder of the hope that we have in a resurrected Christ who is today victorious over sin and death and is ruling over all.

But don’t take my word for it.

Read the Gospels. Listen to the message of Jesus. Hear His words. See His life. Look at the epistles through this lens.

And get ready to be inspired by a powerful vision of what the resurrected Christ means today!